Rehabs and Addiction Treatment Centers – Stonegate is a Rehab for Men with Substance Abuse or Alcohol Issues

Stonegate Center is a male-only, licensed residential drug and alcohol treatment center (rehab) that serves adult men from all over the country who are entangled in addictions. A residential treatment center for substance abuse with co-occurring or dual-diagnosis (psychological) capability, our substance abuse treatment breaks the cycles of addiction and drug abuse, replacing them with optimism for the future and essential life skills. Along with addiction therapy, our relational system of peer influence and encouragement helps teach appropriate social norms and to develop effective coping skills.

Among the most effective and affordable drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Texas, Stonegate provides continuous group and individual counseling and “Big Book” sobriety studies. Rehab residents learn to identify and prevent the situations that have in the past supported or triggered their addiction. Maintaining sobriety requires protective boundaries, peer accountability, a spiritual component, and an understanding of the process of chemical dependency.  All of these are taught and exemplified by our highly qualified team. As a result, Stonegate’s success rate is exceptional.  

Stonegate is a very personal, warm and relational rehab for men, as opposed to other rehabs that are typically cold and clinical. Everyone who comes to Stonegate has a unique story and set of needs, so our therapists first spend a great deal of time getting to know the individual and then develop a custom treatment plan. Whether the issue is an addiction or substance abuse, or an addiction precipitated by psychological or depression issues, we custom-tailor the therapeutic approach and deal with each man individually, and also as a person and a friend.

Rehabs Like Stonegate Can Provide Lasting Recovery, Not Just a Revolving Door

Our goal is for permanent recovery, and for some that can take longer than others. Although the optimum substance abuse treatment is a 90-day program (supported by studies by the National Institute on Drug Abuse), we understand that some men cannot stay that long, so a condensed treatment program can be put in place.

Stonegate’s addiction treatment professionals are second to none. In fact, we are also a regional training center for the latest addiction treatments. Our drug rehab and addiction treatment centers maintain a Christian perspective in relationship to the “Higher Power” of the Twelve Step program. All of our staff are Christians. However, our goal is not to force our own faith on our residents. We welcome men of every faith, or no faith, in our rehab.

Addiction Treatment Centers in Texas, Serving Men from Around the Nation

Our rehab and treatment center for substance abuse and addiction is conveniently located in a secluded pastoral setting just minutes from the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. We arrange safe and confidential pick-ups at the airport.