Testimonials and Reviews About Stonegate Center

I am a thirty year old man, who thought I was in control of it all. I was successful with my career and thought I was making all the right moves in my life. I knew deep down that I was a functioning alcoholic, knowing this for a long time through my twenties. I kept myself in denial the entire time, my family, friends and colleagues would inquire about my alcohol and drug use. I would shrug it off and quickly changed the subject acting as if all were just fine.

I started drinking from around the age of 15 years old, I could of gotten a DWI at 16 years old but the police took sympathy on me and called my folks to come get me. Escaping my first brush with the law my addiction slowly started to increase. At 18 years old I graduated high school and moved to a notorious party town in Texas, life seemed so fancy free and exhilarating. I also started my career in Land Surveying at an engineering firm at the party town I was living in, making great money at a young age I started to build quite the ego. I was feeling entitled and my addictions were escalating. From the time I left my parents home I started to drink and smoke pot nearly everyday.

At about 23 years old I was frequenting the bar everyday and one day that year I played hookie from work, I went and hit the links (golf). That day I was alone and got super intoxicated, on my way home from the course I caused an accident and cowardly fled the scene. I had done something I never imagined I had the character in me to do, a “hit and run.” I ended up at a friends not far from the scene and his neighbors reported a truck banged up with a flat tire rubbing against a damaged bumper making a loud noise. A police officer showed up but couldn’t prove I was driving, on her own time she went a pressed charges on me, it came with a very lax penalty which unfortunately I never took serious. I continued drinking everyday and the amounts heightened, around this time I started doing something I swore to myself I’d never do, cocaine. Inside I knew I was really starting to approach the deep end in my addictions.

At 24 years old my high school sweetheart and I got married. Inside I could tell that I was becoming a monster and couldn’t even identify in the least with the person I was starting to become. Shortly after being married my wife and I separated, I was so confused with the person I was at the time. She luckily didn’t give up on me, we reconciled and I came back to the marriage. Shortly after, she got accepted to graduate school in Dallas so went back to the city we originally called home. I found a great Surveying company and doubled my income over night, working at that company I felt I needed to stand above my colleagues and separate myself from the pact. In doing so I put much stress and strain on myself working very long hours, being out of town a lot and at times working holidays. I set my bills to overtime hours and made this type of work environment almost permanent for myself. This sent my alcohol and drug addiction to the moon, I became extremely bitter, angry and arrogant.

I sustained my first DWI in my company truck at 28 years old, thinking my company was going to fire me, I escaped once again they gave me paid suspension and told me I had to attend a 30 day outpatient rehab. I brushed this off thinking so many people get a DWI, I had to address my one hundred member company and give an apology to jeopardizing the company and their jobs. Shortly after not only was I back to my old ways but was drinking a lot more vodka then beer because beer just wasn’t getting me intoxicated fast enough and was doing more cocaine every time I drank.

In March of 2012 my wife and I called it quits, leaving my 2-year-old son, house and dog. I moved in with my parents; going through a nasty divorce, I was out of control. I acquired my second DWI in my company truck and lost my $70,000 a year job, the respect of everyone, my self worth, my freedom and tons of money. I was furious with God.

I started to look for help, the first place I found was Stonegate and I wanted and felt deep in my heart with great conviction that I needed to be there. I called Stonegate and explained my situation. Immediately they made me feel so welcome with warm and genuine concern for my situation. Within days I had entered Stonegate; seeing men who were in the same situation as me was comforting. I didn’t feel alone at all, though I had become a hard-hearted person through my years of abusing myself through my addiction. 

Through the Grace of God and the faculty of Stonegate I was starting to see transformation in myself, like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, they really opened my eyes and heart to the level of sickness I was really in. I have said from about my first week until forever long that I dwell this Earth, God, Christ and The Holy Spirit bounce all around the walls of Stonegate. I feel the strong presence of goodness and change all around the grounds and men that belong to that great place. I feel that God has put His hands on the special men that operate miracles there. My life is totally changed — tears roll down my eyes typing this thinking of where I’ve been and where I’m going with my life, thanks to Stonegate.

– John (name and photo is fictitious for his privacy, but the story is real)

My Stonegate experience has thus far proven to be a critical component in my recovery from alcoholism.  The relationships and accountability built within the Stonegate Family I consider no less important than the information and life skills acquired there.  

I would certainly recommend Stonegate to anyone suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.

– Ken (name and photo is fictitious for his privacy, but the story is real)

From a Parent

From the moment it “sank ” in that our son had a serious drug addiction…we were lost.  We were not prepared for what we were having to deal with.  No one had a comprehensive solution for our problem and we felt alone .

I am so thankful that a counselor our son had gone to, realized the seriousness of our situation and recommended that we call Stonegate and just “see.”  You probably heard the desperation in my voice when I called because you were so kind and after that first visit we knew ( all of us, even my son) that this was where he needed to be.

I know there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to addiction but we experienced men coming to grips with their issues , no longer being able to hide behind their false fronts and then holding each other accountable.   That is the key…being accountable and holding each other accountable.  We saw a big change take place in our son over the 90 days at Stonegate though we know that recovery continues even after you leave.

Where before we felt alone and hopeless, we now see a bright future for our son.  We are so thankful to God working through Stonegate to effect these changes in our lives and the lives of all of the men at Stonegate Center. 

Just let me say “Thank You” to you and all of the staff at Stonegate for what you have meant to our Family.

Sincerely,  Mark

From a Wife

The existence of Stonegate is truly a miracle divinely constructed by God.  After entering two other rehabs without success, and finally Stonegate, my husband is now free of his addiction!!!  

I feel that the reason why Stonegate is so successful is because of the presence of God in everything they do.   The duration of the program, as well as the physical and emotional healing that takes place, also contribute greatly to their success.  At Stonegate, the clients develop accountability, leadership, and lifelong friendships.  The core issues of addiction are dealt with, not just the outlying problem.  I am also amazed at the successful counseling with the men, as well as their families.  Every effort is made to keep the families up to date and knowledgeable, as to the expected steps in the program. 

The staff at Stonegate treats the clients with respect, equality and honesty.  The men begin to build their self-worth based on who they are in God, rather than the opinions of others.  This is a huge step in helping them to continue to live a life of sobriety.  Underneath every addict is a person with genuine feelings and emotions.  Stonegate helps this new person to emerge as a “Forgiven, Child of God.”  Therefore, their title should never be a “recovering addict” but a “forgiven, Child of God.”

I will be forever grateful to all the staff at Stonegate.  They have poured their heart and soul into helping others overcome addictions.  These men have truly followed a calling that God has placed on their lives. 

Placing my husband in the care of Stonegate for 90 days was absolutely the best thing I have ever done.  Stonegate has forever changed our lives.  I can honestly say that our family has been truly blessed to have been through this process.  After all the smoke has cleared, our family and marriage is stronger than it could have ever been without this experience.  My only regret is that we did not find Stonegate sooner.   

 If you find yourself searching for answers from an addiction, please hear my heartfelt plead to place yourself or your loved one into the care of Stonegate.  You will absolutely be blessed!

In Him –  Shelby