What is The Stonegate Community?

We refer to our family style of treatment as The Stonegate Community. The Collins English dictionary defines “community” as a group of people having cultural and other characteristics in common. With the common ground of addiction and more importantly, the desire to be free from our addiction as the basis of the Stonegate Community, we are able to model, teach, and equip our residents to function in a setting that is larger than themselves. Using life-skills activities, group processes and peer influence, individuals learn and assimilate social norms and develop more effective social skills.

This “community as method” differs from other treatment approaches principally in our use of the community, comprising treatment staff and those in recovery as key agents of change. This is what we call the Stonegate Community. Members interact in structured and unstructured ways to influence attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors associated with drug use.

Many individuals coming to Stonegate Center have a history of social functioning, education/vocational skills, and positive community and family ties that have been eroded by their substance abuse. For them, recovery involves rehabilitation — relearning or re-establishing healthy functioning, skills, and values as well as regaining physical and emotional health. Other residents have never acquired functional life-styles. For these people, the Stonegate Community is usually their first exposure to orderly living. Recovery for them involves habilitation — learning for the first time the behavioral skills, attitudes, and values associated with socialized living.

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